Vertigo Relief, Dizziness Relief, Dizzy, Meniere’s Disease Relief, Disequilibrium, Vertigo, Dizziness, Meniere’s , Meniere’s Disease, endolymphatic hydrops, hydrops, SEHVertigo has been described as feeling as if the person or the things around him are spinning and moving when there is no movement. Vertigo falls into two distinct categories: peripheral or central. Peripheral vertigo is related to the ears and the nerves connected to the inner ear. Central vertigo is related to a problem with the spinal cord or brain.

Suffering from Peripheral Vertigo

If one can answer yes to the questions listed below, it may be an indication that he is suffering from peripheral vertigo:

  • Does he drink alcohol?
  • Does he smoke?
  • Does he take anti-seizure or blood pressure medication?
  • Has he ever had a stroke?
  • Has he been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease?
  • Does he have a tumor?
  • Does he take aspirin or depression medication?
  • Does he have basilar artery migraines?
  • Has he ever had a trauma to the head or neck?

Of course, after answering yes to these questions it is recommended that one make an appointment with a healthcare professional for confirmation. If it is discovered that one may have peripheral vertigo, there is hope and help available in the form of upper cervical chiropractic care.

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How Proper Neck Alignment Can Help Vertigo Symptoms

At Thrive Chiropractic, we recognize the importance of proper spinal alignment and how it relates to the overall health of the body. After examining a patient’s neck to determine if this could be the source of vertigo, we use a gentle method to encourage the bones to move back into place naturally rather than forcing them by popping or twisting them into place. This allows the body to take over and repair any damage, restoring proper communication between the brain and body. This technique has been successful in helping many vertigo patients see a decrease in or eradication of their dizziness, sometimes  in just a few visits.
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