Help for Vertigo Brought about by Meniere’s Disease

Vertigo causes you to feel as if you or the things around you are spinning. Sometimes it is from a blow to the head, standing up too quickly, or the onset of a condition referred to as Meniere’s disease. Let’s take a closer look at this condition and where you can find help if you [...]

Cybersickness or Digital Vertigo Helped Naturally

Digital vertigo, often called cybersickness, is a new type of dizziness that is becoming more and more pronounced. When one feels dizzy, it is usually due to a malfunction of the nervous system that is responsible for blood and oxygen flow to the brain and body. Sometimes a person will feel dizzy when he gets [...]

How Proper Spinal Alignment Helps Relieve Vertigo

Vertigo is often described as a spinning sensation as if one is moving when he is actually standing still. This is not considered to be a life-threatening illness (unless it is related to an underlying heart condition). Vertigo can become serious, however, if it occurs while one is driving or doing any other activity where [...]